Power-up the Firefox search bar

Peers is a nifty Firefox extension developed by The Peers Bros. that brings some cool new tricks for the search bar to help you get faster to what you’re looking for.

Instead of just suggesting terms to autocomplete your keywords, it provides actual search results from Google or Yahoo! search engines for the partially typed words, so you may save a couple of clicks and a few seconds by simply selecting one of the suggested search results.

If you are using a different search engine like Amazon, Answers or Wikipedia, it will still suggest search results limited to those domains which makes it even more useful. Not all domains are supported though. When searching Mozilla Links or Creative Commons search results suggestions were not limited to those domains but the whole web. Weirdly, when using the Real Academia de la Lengua Española search engine it didn’t even blink, which I guess is a bug of some sorts or something is missing in the search plugin for it to limit the web search.

Peers in actionYou also get terms suggestions and options to search with your other installed search engines in other sections of Peers drop down.

It’s not short of options either: you can set whether you want to use Yahoo! or Google for the quick search results, how many results do you want, whether to show the results URL or not, how many search engines to display, in what order to display search results, term suggestions and additional searches, and if you want to filter out directory sites, encyclopedias or price comparison sites from the results.

It would be appreciated if the added context menu item was optional, and most importantly if it was already compatible with Firefox 3.

While this may not be new for users of Flock or the Inquisitor plugin for Safari, Peers is still a very well thought extension that adds some useful functionality to Firefox.

You can get it from Mozilla Add-ons.

Thanks to Evan for the tip!

6 thoughts on “Power-up the Firefox search bar”

  1. Why provide links to a very soon to be outdated extension? It doesn’t even have a beta version for any of the 3.0 releases – it is 2.0 only. What a disappointment.

    1. It does work in Firefox 3 if you ignore the extension compatibility checking. And just because it hasn’t been updated yet doesn’t mean it’s not worth writing about. It’s definitely an awesome extension… thanks Percy!

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