Pour some Chrome on Firefox

One thing I do like about Google’s new browser, unveiled last week, is the refreshing sky bluish theme that I am sure helps feel it more responsive, and clean.

Obviously I am not the only one and after less than a week since its release, there are already not one but two ways to reproduce Chrome’s fresh look in Firefox 3.

Chromifox, is a Firefox theme created by  falconer, that brings the sky blue, reproduces the tabs aspect and rounded menus.

To go even further, try Chrome Package, a bundle by digdug, of a modified Chromitab and Overlays on the browser extension, that moves the tab bar above the main menu, Chrome style.

The resulting clone is pretty close to the original save the star button, the presence of the main menu, and the two configuration buttons.

There is one major drawback though: the tab bar is pretty much unusable. Scrolling with the mouse wheel over it has no effect, and you have to press the scroll buttons really slowly to produce any actual scroll.

This is a very early and quick theme and extension releases, so hopefully the developer will be able to solve these problems in the next few iterations.

Chromifox and Chrome Package are both available at Mozilla Add-ons but you will need an account to install them as they are labeled as experimental.

14 thoughts on “Pour some Chrome on Firefox”

  1. Why should somebody do that? It should be the other way around, add more Firefox to Chrome and it would become a better browser. The only thing I would really like is that task manager thing. And the tabs on the top but that would only make sense a global window management concept which actually makes some sense.

  2. The thing I really like about Chrome is the lack of a menubar, titlebar and statusbar. This gives you 3 extra rows of screen space and makes Chrome look much cleaner.

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