Does the awesome bar awe you?

It’s been about two months since the awesome bar officially reached millions of Firefox users with Firefox 3 final release. Since then, reception has been mixed (even at the Mozilla Summit): some people (like myself) have get used to it so much that it makes hard to use other browsers (yeah, Opera 9.5 has it as well) or older Firefox versions.

On the other side, people are crying foul because it can accidentally reveal a web page (porn, secret gift, Oprah, etc.) they don’t want others to know about. Or because they don’t like its look or takes too much space. Or because they found confusing the change of behavior. There are some workarounds available and Firefox 3.1 will provide more customization options, but still this could be not enough.

So, how is it going for you? Share your experience in the latest Mozilla Links poll and feel free to drop your comments below.

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Your favorite Firefox 3 features

Which are your favorite Firefox 3 features? Share your opinion in Mozilla Links’s latest poll.

Mine are the new location bar, download pause and resume and offline web applications support. The new location bar let me forget about keywords, bookmarks and history except for very rare occasions. It brings much of Places power to one text box.

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Why are users shifting to Firefox?

Firefox shift surveyIt may be obvious for you, but its the details what Anders Vindberg is trying to find out through an online survey as part of his Master’s Thesis in Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School.

A partial report is available on survey completion which takes about a couple of minutes. If you provide your email address you will be notified on the complete results when available.

The survey is very interesting and will certainly give more light on web users preferences and behavior.

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Are you a search junkie?

Firefox lets you add as many search plugins to the search bar as you want, and starting with Firefox 2.0 it is really easy to add, remove and reorganize them at will.

You can start searching for a search plugin for your favorite site at Mycroft, or take any search for to your search bar with OpenSearch Fox.

So, are you using them? Didn’t know it was there? Think you have gone over the top?  Share your experience at Mozilla Link’s latest poll.