Mozilla Add-ons now featuring personas

In preparation for Firefox 3.6, due later this year and which will feature lightweight themes support or personas, Mozilla Add-ons has just added a section dedicated to personas, so users won’t have to go a separate site for all their customization needs.

Like, you just hover the personas thumbnails to live preview it on Firefox. If you like it, just press Wear it to keep it. To choose another theme, open the Add-ons Manager and select a different one in the Themes tab. Continue reading Mozilla Add-ons now featuring personas

Firefox 3.6 gets lightweight themes (personas)

As Firefox 3.6 approaches its first of two planned beta releases, it has gotten one of the most distinctive features of this release: support for lightweight themes, also known as personas.

Like with Mozilla Labs’ Personas extensions and unlike full fledged themes, personas only customize the toolbars and status bar backgrounds, and the menus text color, just a couple of elements of Firefox UI that makes a large share of what we perceive as customization. Continue reading Firefox 3.6 gets lightweight themes (personas)