Pay everywhere with the PayPal plugin

PayPal has released a new Firefox plugin that integrates with its new Secure Card feature which generates a custom credit card number linked to your PayPal account that you can use to make a single or multiple payments with any seller that accepts Master Card, PayPal’s partner in this venture.

PayPal plugin

The plugin, a Windows-only 5 MB download, autodetects when you are requested for credit card information and prompts a small window suggesting to create a Secure Card for a single or multiple transactions. At your request it can also autofill the form with your shipping or billing address. As with other form fillers, it’s no magic: Its effectiveness depends on how good was PayPal guessing form field names and it is usually limited to English.

The payment form detector is not perfect either. I was prompted to generate a Secure Card while writing this post in WordPress, where, as you may guess I don’t need to pay for anything.

The plugin also adds a PayPal button to the toolbar you can use to force a new Secure Card creation or form fill, and provides some interesting functionality like saving the current page as a receipt (once you have paid of course), view past saved receipts, check your current  balance, or view other previously generated Secure Cards.

It definitely adds convenience to this new PayPal feature for Windows users.

According to PayPal, Mac users can still use the SecureCard feature directly from their PayPal account and manually pasting the credit card number, expiration date and verification code to the merchant web site, but I couldn’t find the links referred to in the plugin help. Not a surprise of course. As much as I like its convenience, when it comes to communication in general, PayPal must be one of the biggest nightmares around.

We are a few days from Firefox 3 final release, but PayPal has decided to make this plugin compatible with Firefox 2 only. Oh well.

You can get the PayPal plugin by logging in to your PayPal account and looking in the left sidebar.

11 thoughts on “Pay everywhere with the PayPal plugin”

  1. “We are a few days from Firefox 3 final release, but PayPal has decided to make this plugin compatible with Firefox 2 only.”
    What? I thought there was a second RC coming (as per the article “A second Firefox 3 RC confirmed” – Is this a typo or does Mozilla really plan to release the final (well, more accurately just erasing the rc 2 labels) after releasing the release candidate? Or was the RC already released, me unaware?

  2. I wish that 1) I had realized it was not compatible with FF 3, and 2) That Paypal would have made this idiocy more obvious.

    Unfortunately, the installer doesn’t check what version of Firefox you’re running before installing the extension. Firefox then refused to load at all, crashing anytime I tried to load…

    After hunting trying to figure out where it was, I realized they actually did ONE thing right – they put an uninstaller.

    Can’t believe they didn’t BOTHER to make it compatible with FF3.

  3. I downloaded it plug in and it works fine with Firefox, I suppose only until I upgrade it. I have Firefox on my Eee PC but haven’t put the PP plug in there yet. I use Sea Monkey on my desktop because I was being inunundated with spam type things. My ISP suggested it and I’ve had it over a year and I love it. But the Pay Pal Plug In won’t work with Sea Monkey. 🙁
    Since I use Sea Monkey as my default browser it has all my bookmarks with my shopping and itinerary for a trip to Belize and shopping for equipment. But if I purchase something and want to use the Pay Pal random generator for protection I can’t from Sea Monkey. Have to go to Fire Fox and find the product all over again.
    Any chances they’ll fix it for Sea Monkey. I have the latest 1.1.11 version installed.

  4. I have used PayPal plugin for firefox2 and loved it. I can’t believe they won’t be making it available as a plugin for firefox 3.

  5. PayPal plug-in saves me from the nightmare of hijacked credit card info… Firefox protects me from all sorts of evil doers and it is much cooler than the other browsers I have seen. I don’t want to have to use IE just so I can use my PayPal plug-in. Show me the petition to ask PayPal to make the plug-in compatible with FF3 and I will sign!

    1. I have ff3 and installed the plug-in. I don’t know if it works as I haven’t used it yet but I found where you can generate a card in your account. After you log in on the lower right hand side there’s something about plug-in. Once you click that you get set up and under ‘secure cards’ you can generate one.

  6. I have just spoken to a PayPal representative and I was informed PayPal would not be updating any plugins for Mozilla due to the number of issues it has encountered, and discontinuing the Plug-in entirely on all browser formats (I.E. included) projected date October 2010.

  7. No wonder my paypal addon quit working!!! I went to their site, and found this forum. I guess they didn’t mean it when they kept asking me to upgrade to the newer version !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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