Paste & Go, Search landed on Firefox 4

When you paste a URL in the location bar or some text in the search bar, you most likely want to visit the URL or search for the terms you just pasted. So, why not paste and go to the web address, or paste and search the pasted terms?

In Firefox 4 you finally can. When you right-click on the location bar you will now get a Paste & Go option, and a Paste & Search option in the search bar. A simple way to save more than a few clicks!

19 thoughts on “Paste & Go, Search landed on Firefox 4”

  1. Hey, I wanted to say that!
    “Finally!” 😉

    Is there a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl-Shift-V ( ?
    Then it would work much faster.

  2. @kelpa32:

    Actually, feature copied from Opera, by both Chrome and Firefox, but it’s still a nice addition after all these years.

  3. “So, why not paste and go to the web address, or paste and search the pasted terms?” Because the menu option is visually redundant.

    Has this been added to the Edit menu also? (Yes, some people still want and need a menu bar)

    I personally have a “go” button by my URL bar, so this would only save one click, and 99% of the time I want to visually verify I copied the address correctly before clicking “go”. But that is just me.

    Oh, and I don’t see a keyboard shortcut for the “Paste & Go” option (none of the characters have the underline on them, not that anybody cares)

  4. Maybe you haven’t noticed this, but in FF4 (at least in the latest nightly build), if you select a text like and open the context menu, it detects it’s an URL and allows you to open it in a new tab or window. Nifty.

  5. Last night, I introduced Chrome to my friend’s old Grandma…she said: this program copies a program from her browser: It renders websites…

    how true!

  6. Mozilla’s JaegarMonkey+TraceMonkey beat Apple’s Nitro in the v8 benchmark a few days ago. Bit of love Percy? 🙂 Sounds notable.

    However, using v8 benchmark biases Chrome’s v8 engine and Sunspider biases Apple Nitro, they do however help people to measure their improvements from a day ago, for example.

  7. There’s nothing better than Google Chrome to make Mozilla’s bloated bureaucracy go smoother.

    Instead pulling the rope with Mozilla developers for half a decade in bugzilla, simply ask the Chrome developers to implement it, and the Mozilla developers will suddenly follow suit like happy hipsters.

    Like Bug 61098, for example. The Mozilla bureaucracy spent a decade in the thinking box and still hadn’t done anything about all the suggestions and patches. But then Google Chrome comes along like a miracle, and they follow suit asap.

  8. It could do with an option to open the search in a new tab. I don’t think google chrome has this either though.

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