Aza Raskin on Panorama

Download Squad’s Sebastian Anthony had a short interview with Aza Raskin, Firefox Creative lead, on Panorama, the visual tab organization feature introduced in the latest Firefox 4 betas.

“Firefox is going to continue to lead in this sphere because other browsers are going on this glut of removing everything, instead of innovating.”, said Aza as the closing sentence.

Check Download Squad for the complete interview.

Vladimir Vukićević, Principal Engineer of Firefox; and Nick Nguyen, Mozilla’s Director of Add-ons, are next in this short series.

TabCandy becomes Panorama for Firefox 4

UPDATE: In the latest Firefox 4 beta update, Mozilla is officially branding Firefox’s visual tab organization feature as Panorama.

Latest Firefox 4 nightly builds now feature Tab Sets, the ability to organize your tabs by visually grouping them to match your browsing style, introduced a few weeks ago as TabCandy.

If you have tried the experimental build released at that time, you won’t notice much change except some important bug fixing for improved stability.

A new tab sets button is placed next to the list all tabs button to show your tab sets. From there just draw a box to create a new empty group, drag a tab between sets, drag a tab onto another to create a new group, resize groups and tabs, and so on.

It should be available with the next forthcoming Firefox 4 Beta 4, later this month.