• Merge Firefox Reload/Stop buttons, extensionless

    Extensions are great but I love customizing Firefox without them. One of my favorite extensions is Stop/Reload, a simple extension that merges both buttons into a single one that toggles between stop and reload intelligently. You can replicate this functionality with a simple edit of userChrome.css file. In Windows, you can find it at: C:\Documents

  • Firefox 3 Add-ons Manager is almighty too

    Firefox Add-ons Manager has finally got extended to feature complete integration with Mozilla Add-ons (AMO) site through a new page added to the Add-ons Manager. The Get Add-ons page features a search box, a browse all add-ons link that takes you to Mozilla Add-ons, and a list of recommended extensions and themes by default. Enter

  • New Mozilla Add-ons preview

    In preparation for Firefox 3, Mozilla Add-ons recently underwent a number of important updates to support the new Add-ons Manager which tightly integrates with it to provide recommendations, search and install from a new Get Add-ons page. With the necessary interfaces now in place, the Mozilla Add-ons team is working in visual updates to the

  • Firefox reaches 500 million downloads milestone

      Today Firefox reached an important milestone on its way to provide an alternative for millions of web users: 500 million downloads* served from Mozilla servers since the initial Firefox 1.0 release back on November 9, 2004. To celebrate this achievement, Mozilla invites to visit FreeRice.com, a web site that donates 20 grains of rice

  • Official The Simpsons Movie Firefox theme

    As The Simpsons Movie premiere approaches, 20th Century Fox has just released a Firefox theme to bring Springfield’s yellow and donut infested glory to your beloved browser. The theme is pretty extensive and complete as you can see in the Options window screenshot. And fortunately the very few text pieces in German don’t reduce the

  • Firefox 4 tips for Windows 7 users

    Firefox 4 integrates better with some Windows 7 features, including taskbar tab previews, download progress bar in the taskbar icon, and jumplists. Here are some way to enable, disable or customize the different options. 1. Enable taskbar previews. In the Firefox menu, select the Options item to open the Options dialog. Change to the Tabs

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