• Name Mozilla Japan’s mascot

    Mozilla Japan is asking for suggestions to name its new mascot (shown below). Everybody can participate. Go here before September 14 and enter your name suggestion, your email address and press Send. You could win a cell phone strap and recognition for your idea.

  • Meet Foxmosa, Firefox Taiwanese mascot

    Thanks to Handome Puppy of the Taiwanese Mozilla community, here are some additional details about Foxmosa, Taiwan’s cute Firefox mascot that debuted a few years ago promoting Firefox 2. Since then she’s also been used to promote last year’s Firefox Download Day and Firefox 3 parties, along with a Foxmosa tour in Taiwan where it

  • Still some new tricks in Firefox 3.6 beta 3

    Continuing with its new quick beta turnaround strategy, Mozilla has released a third beta just a week after Beta 2 Nothing too dramatic among the 90+ bug fixes this release introduces, but a few worth noting: A new API will now allow add-on developers access Firefox’s geolocation features. (See Doug Turner’s post) As expected,  tab

  • Make Firefox forget about a site, 3.5 style

    One of several new privacy improvements and features Firefox 3.5 will bring is the ability to forget about a particular web site we have visited. In the Library, we will be able to right click on a history item, select Forget About This Site and Firefox will remove all entries related to that site from

  • Bing coming to Firefox search bar

    Mozilla has announced several important changes to the search plugins set shipped with Firefox. Most noticeable is the addition of Bing to the US English version, as part of a commercial agreement with Microsoft: Like with Google, Microsoft and Mozilla will share revenue coming from traffic sent by Firefox. According to Mozilla, behind the decision

  • MediaFire asks Mozilla to take down SkipScreen

    Popular file hosting service, MediaFire, has asked Mozilla to take down the SkipScreen Firefox extension. Like other file sharing systems, MediaFire download links take you to a web page where the download link is displayed along several ads which generate its revenue. For an ad free experience, users can upgrade to a Pro account for

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