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By default, when you open a new tab either pressing Ctrl + T, middle-clicking on a link, pressing Alt + Enter in the location or search bars, or any other way, the new tab is opened at the end of the tab bar so you will most likely have to scroll all the way there.

Tabs Open Relative, developed by John Mellor, does a single trick: it makes new tabs open to the immediate right of the current tab, making them much easier to reach and saving a few seconds and scrolls.

It may take a while before you get used to look for your new tabs just next to the current and I would prefer to have this behavior limited to links opened from a web page instead of all actions that open a new tab, but it is definitely worth a try.

Get Tabs Open Relative at Mozilla Add-ons.

8 thoughts on “Open new tabs next to the current”

  1. I noticed this seemed to be a standard behaviour with Chrome. I am not sure if I would really care for it or not.

  2. I do this and much more with “Tab Mix Plus”, it’s so featurefull it might fright some people though 🙂

    only problem – their development version for FF3 is still not on the main add-ons site, so you need to google it up, but it’s worth it.

  3. Well, if you get used to such a behavior it is pretty comfortable. I used that on Opera for years and when I switched to FF as my daily working browser I really missed that feature. I guess TabMixPlus does pretty much the same, so so it is not that new to the FF world.

  4. I use Tabs Open Relative and it’s a great extension.

    It makes navigation more logical since related links are open in a tab close to the current one.

  5. i agree with Prashant : Firefox’s tab management really sucks since version 2.0

    Firefox 1.0 behaved like Chrome, always showing all tabs, reducing the size of their button if needed.

    Firefox 2.0 and 3 have a minimal size for tab buttons and if tabs are too numerous, some of them are rejected outside the screen whereas 2 arrows allo the user to call them back. That way tabs never are at the same place and user can’t memorize their location (spatial/visual memory can’t be used).
    Besides, having one arrow button at the right of the personal bar (to show other bookmarks) just above the button that shows the list of all opened tabs is really confusing for the user.

    Now that Firefox 3.0 uses Cairo, it can display snapshots (preview) of opened tabs.
    Therefore i suggest to return to Firefox 1.0 tab management and to add Tab Preview extension (see ) :
    therefore users can remember the location of their tabs using their spatial memory and, when necessary, tabs can be find using Tab Preview even if tabs buttons are too small to read the name of pages that are opened in tabs

    Moreover, Firefox could propose :
    Рa function that would allow the user to display all tabs at once with a search box, similar to Expos̩ (like in Ctrl-Tab extension Рsee )
    – a system similar to ColorfulTabs (from ChromaTabs )

    It seems to me that Firefox’s tab management would be much more easier

    People can try that :
    in about:config, reduce the number in front of browser.tabs.tabMinWidth (i’ve put 50 instead of 100) then install Tab Preview extension
    Bonus : install Ctrl-Tab extension and ColorfulTabs extension

  6. Also, i’m not fond of Ctrl-Tab switching either which adds a new keys combination that is hardly discoverable and a new UI that doesn’t help the user to find its tabs using its spatial memory.

    To my mind, Firefox 2-3’s tab management and Ctrl-Tab switching that should be part of Firefox 3.1 are regressions in Firefox GUI

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