Next Firefox major update, “Lorentz”, could be a minor

Mozilla is taking no break this year end, and the Firefox team is actively working on the roadmap for 2010.

According to recent entries in the Mozilla Wiki, the planned features for next year are:

  • Out of process plugins (OOPP), or the ability to run browser plugins (like Flash, Silverlight, Gears) on their own process to enhance stability and prevent application crashes when a plugin goes belly up
  • Updates which don’t interrupt the user
  • More responsive UI
  • Better startup time
  • Jetpacks support
  • Themes updates
  • Weave integration
  • Integrated Developer Tools

These features would be delivered in at least two releases.

According to an ongoing discussion, one of them could surprisingly be a minor release, approximately 3.6.3 or 3.6.4 for the estimated release time frame of March/April 2010. This would mark an important departure from Mozilla’s  typical update/upgrade path which has limited new features to major updates with second digit variations like 3.0 to 3.5, or 3.5 to 3.6, leaving minor updates (3.5.5, 3.5.6, etc.) for security and stability bug fixes.

The rationale for this change is that OOPP, more responsive UI, and better startup time are already in Mozilla’s main code repository and could be at beta quality by mid-January.  Then it would be a matter of porting the code to the 3.6 branch (technically 1.9.2) and release it as a minor update to all users.

The typical case would be for these features to wait for a whole new branching and stabilization cycle (a major update), unnecessarily keeping these improvements away from Firefox users.

Other features could also slip in this minor update but scope would be tightly restricted by schedule for the approach to make sense.

The remaining features would go into Firefox 3.7 targeted for mid-2010, slightly delayed following 3.6’s delay, now targeted for January.

Code name for this possible major/minor update is Lorentz, which like other Firefox code names is after a national park.

5 thoughts on “Next Firefox major update, “Lorentz”, could be a minor”

  1. Hmm … If I wasn’t confused about the upcoming releases before, I sure am now.

    3.7 (aka 3.6.2) is planned for Q1 2010. This still sounds extremely optimistic to my ears, even if it is only a major minor update.

    Anyway, thx for the update!

  2. Wasn’t faster startup time supposed to be part of the 3.6.0 roadmap? Things have got awful confusing lately for the roadmap. What is now the purpose of the 3.6 update?

  3. I can´t like the integration of Mozilla Weave, Personas, etc It´s simply going to bloat Firefox, I´ve already a custom theme why would I want Personas? Also I manage most of Weave features with bookmarklets and I use mostly a single computer so it´s not a big deal for me the syncronization stuff. And in the case it where I may use FoxMarks. So really It´s great to have more options but I would really prefer that Mozilla would keep it optional and not by deafult! I´ve already several extensions so adding two more (specially weave that´s not a light one) it´s not a funny thing.

    Maybe we will come to something like using optimized light builds*… or unlikely Mozilla could realese a light version, well this is exactly the main reason Chrome users stand for the switch.

  4. Lake-perfectly said I would love a light fast build – i also only use one computer really so weave is jest going to be more bloat-ware for me to

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