New tab and tab tearing animations for Firefox 4

Mozilla’s Stephen Horlander has released a couple of videos showing the plans for a few Firefox tab tasks like adding a new tab.

And here’s an idea on how tearing a tab to its own window would look like (make sure to right-click on the video and select Full Screen to watch it in full resolution):

Other tasks that could be improved with animation are closing and rearranging tabs in the tab bar. The goal here is to make Firefox “feel” more responsive to the user, and I find this prototypes deliver properly.

More details on Stephen’s blog.

7 thoughts on “New tab and tab tearing animations for Firefox 4”

  1. I like the new tab tearing behaviour, that little change makes the whole process a lot less confusing. I hope pages won’t have to be reloaded when you tear / fasten to/from windows in FF4.

    1. DMack, I couldn’t agree more. That’s a BIG reason I’ve been using Chrome more than Firefox lately. It’s such a pain to have to lose a video, flash or WYSIWYG text when pulling tabs to/from windows. I would think that’s a native feature of the individual tab processes??

  2. Awesome, the animation for moving the tabs reminds me of Opera 10.5 pre-alpha and Chrome browser, and the tab tearing animation reminds me of Safari, I am so looking for FF 4.0!

  3. Putting the location bar below the tabs makes you have to look farther up your screen pointlessly. It’s sometimes necessary to see what’s in the location bar, like say while visiting a secure website, but moving the location bar down just puts in the way of the tab bar.

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