New to feature an organic design

As with previous main Firefox releases, Mozilla is working on a new version of for Firefox 3 launch later this year.

The redesign, commissioned to The Royal Order, a Chicago-based design agency, with illustrations by Delicious Design League, is currently in draft status but the mockup below, posted by Mozilla’s Creative Director, John Slater, is close to what we will see for Firefox 3. design draft

John explains the concept behind the design:

Our somewhat ambitious goal for the illustrations was that they should abstractly reflect the good things about the Web itself…things like connectivity, collaboration, creativity, etc.

The illustration of the tree is meant to suggest the power and possibility of the Web, as well as the way Mozilla works. And the various handmade elements, such as the pencil-drawn lines and background shadings are all meant to evoke the grassroots, people-powered nature of Mozilla itself.

I like it. What about you? Leave your comments here or on John’s post.

9 thoughts on “New to feature an organic design”

  1. I know that everything must be designed to death nowadays to become mass-compatible, but is it really necessary to put the design into the hands of a company whose web page is nothing but flash?
    Form over function, prettyness over usefulness … is it really necessary to take that road with Firefox and its web sites?

    I dont want to see totally unmotivated balloons and little animals in trees on a browser website just because it is “pretty”.
    Baroque Kitsch for the masses designed by overpaid kids with an Apple computer … does have to join this cult and spend money on it?

  2. I agree with JP — this design is ugly, without concept, and unnecessary. “Organic” is a meaningless buzzword. Nothing of the design conveys anything that Firefox excels in or stands for. Maybe this is the mainstream taste of youngsters with even uglier Myspace pages. It is a pathetic failure for a webpage like
    Nothing at all would have been better than this insult of the eye and the mind.

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