New Mozilla Add-ons preview

In preparation for Firefox 3, Mozilla Add-ons recently underwent a number of important updates to support the new Add-ons Manager which tightly integrates with it to provide recommendations, search and install from a new Get Add-ons page.

With the necessary interfaces now in place, the Mozilla Add-ons team is working in visual updates to the site.

Mozilla Add-ons 3.2 preview

As you can see from the screenshot above (and more easily, visiting the preview site), it has a clean look. A menu at the very top lets you select the application (SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Sunbird or Firefox).

Search is now central to the main page, surrounded by featured and recommended add-ons and extensions categories. Unfortunately it can only be filtered by extension category and not by add-on type (dictionary, plugin, theme, extension, search plugin) or theme style, which can result in too many irrelevant results.

Add-ons that are waiting for approval (in the sandbox) are also displayed and included in the results with a pink background and labeled as experimental. While I appreciate the option to provide combined results, again I would like to see a way to filter experimental add-ons out and set as the default.

Add-ons developers will also see improvements including detailed statistics about their extensions downloads.

You can share your comments on the revised Mozilla Add-ons at the Mozilla Web Development Blog.

13 thoughts on “New Mozilla Add-ons preview”

  1. How about finally making it possible to only include/search for a specific browser version and OS? It is just insane to get shown all those addons that are not compatible with my browser in the result list.

    And why does one have to log in to install some of the addons?

    And how about making search work better and provide an advanced search form?

    Good looks are nice, but decent functionality would be better.

  2. “How about finally making it possible to only include/search for a specific browser version and OS?”

    can’t agree more!!!

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  5. ““How about finally making it possible to only include/search for a specific browser version and OS?”

    can’t agree more!!!”

    +1 vote – current system is truly idiotic: it’s awkward to use and useless anyway because due to the lack of filtering you end up with so many hits you have to go to the website anyway…

    PLain ridiculous that devs keep bragging about useless updates – who the hell cares about the new Back button or its theme, seriously? – but apparently still barely have any clue about the most annoying things, what they should be spending most of their time with (FF is literally the slowest browser on Earth, add-on system is a PITA etc).

  6. It could just by default show me extensions for the browser I’m currently using. Is it so hard to parse a browser string? maxVersion isn’t even included in the listings, so I have to painfully step through all listed extensions to find the few ones that are Firefox 3 compatible.

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