AOL announces end of support for Netscape

Netscape 1.0

AOL announced today that on February 1, 2008, it will stop providing support for any version of Netscape.

It could have meant something thirteen years ago, when it was my browser of choice, a nice competitor for Mosaic and a web technology driver. Or even ten years ago while IE was bullying it out of the game while it was struggling to develop Constellation, a so called and still vaporware “web OS”.

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Flash Player 9 r47 update available

Flash player infoAdobe has released an update for Adobe Flash Player 9 plugin for all Gecko-based browsers: Firefox, Netscape, SeaMonkey, Flock, Camino, etc.

While there is no documentation on what’s new on this update, it’s always advisable to stay on top and avoid incompatibilities the update may already fix.

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Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 1 released and reviewed

Netscape 9

Continuing this week’s release spree, Netscape has released yet another version of the venerable Netscape Navigator.Netscape 9 AboutNetscape Navigator 9 Beta drops support for Internet Explorer’s rendering engine (Trident) and is now Gecko only.

As expected, it is basically Firefox bundled with a number of add-ons some already available at Mozilla Add-ons, some general additions and some specially crafted to integrate with Netscape online services, along with a stylish theme that evokes previous Netscape versions.

URL correction, the new sidebar minibrowser, an option in the File menu to restart the browser, resizable textareas, OPML support for importing/exporting web feeds and the combined stop/reload buttons are all available as Firefox extensions or simple hacks almost all of them featured and reviewed here at Mozilla Links before. Which is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact I find it a useful selection of add-ons that can really ease the way users interact with web pages. Continue reading Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 1 released and reviewed

Netscape 8.1 released

Today Netscape 8.1, a Firefox based browser from AOL Netscape division was released.

As in previous versions Netscape adds a number of features like viewing incompatible web sites using Trident, Internet Explorer’s rendering engine, two themes (Winscape and Fusion), an enhanced form and password manager, weather updates, centralized site preferences (cookies, password, Java, Javascript, images, rendering engine and ActiveX) and AOL instant messenger.

It also features anti-spyware protection, a Dynamic Security Center, profile manager, RSS support rendering, tabbed browsing enhancements, UI enhancements and performance improvements.

Beware that during setup it also offers a chance to download additional software and collect usage information. In my quick test, the anti-spyware protection identified eMule as spyware so it seems to be a little paranoic. Since Netscape added a number of widgets and options, Firefox themes are incompatible with Netscape so users don’t have many options to change its appearance. Incredibly it doesn’t recognize web site feeds. Users have to click on RSS/Atom feeds to open them (Netscape will render them with a nice layout) and then bookmark them. There is no live bookmarks support at all so these are lost when importing from Firefox.

Otherwise with its fresh look and convenient features it may be an interesting alternative for some users.