MySpace and media enclosures support in new Flock 2

Flock has released the second major iteration of its eponymous Firefox-based browser, Flock.

Following its web services integration orientation, it adds support for MySpace accounts so you can track MySpace friends from Flock’s people sidebar.

There’s also better support for media enclosures commonly found in podcast and video podcast web feeds.

For the first time, there are a couple of fancy themes (MyBlue and Dublin) available for download (Mac and Windows only)at its add-ons repository.

But perhaps the most significant improvement for Flock users is that it is now based on the current Firefox 3.0.x code base which brings along all the many performance improvements it introduced last June.

Flock 2 is available in English only at this time, for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

One thought on “MySpace and media enclosures support in new Flock 2”

  1. Flock is really giving web browsing the meaning that FF can’t provide. hope someone can copy Flock Media integration in FF , i know that there is some available but there are Many features in flock that wasn’t found in FF even with Extensions

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