mozillaca, a micro-blog for the Mozilla community

After about a month in closed preview, Mozillaca, a micro-blogging site for the Mozilla community is finally open to the public.

Powered by Laconica, the open source microblogging engine, and setup and operated by a team of volunteers, it is pretty simple to follow and use  thanks to its simple interface and functionality.


It nicely integrates with Twitter, and supports OpenID  and SMS status updating for a long list of carriers.

Here’s the latest pearl from a Mozilla -inspired cook.

Firefox cupcake

Get your id now!

One thought on “mozillaca, a micro-blog for the Mozilla community”

  1. Thanks for posting we really appreciate you taking the time to get the word out.

    Please also install our facebook Mozillaca application and if you have an iphone / itouch why not install La Twit and enjoy mozzing away from you PC

    We have also just updated out theme over the weekend for the firefox 3.5 celebrations.

    Mozillaca Team

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