Mozilla to deliver calendar functionality for

Michael Bemmer, Sun Microsystems' StarOffice/ Director Software Engineering, announced (PDF) during the latest Conference that addressing OOo future (an open source office suite) versions will feature email and calendar functionality based on Mozilla  Lightning, a project that aims to deliver Sunbird calendar functionality into Thunderbird as an extension.

Among expected functionality: 

  • Schedule appointments / meetings
  • Address book, Invitations, Free / Busy information
  • Timezone support
  • Access rights including delegation
  • Backup / Restore of calendar and config data
  • Sun Java System Calendar Server
  • At a later time: Microsoft Exchange and offline mode to sync with Notebook/PDA support.

According to Bemmer's presentation, this will address a main feature set requested by users through surveys, will solve Microsoft license issues and will allow a complete migration to an open solution.

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  3. Friends,

    This looks like a great idea. I am currently using Thunderbird and Sunbird together (with Openoffice)and would use Lightning but cannot get the calendar to show when the software starts. Apparently it is supposed to be able to start in calendar view but that functionality is broken. I hope that feature is fixed if it is released with OO.


  4. I’m using the Open Office from last six months and feeling the deficiency of outlook feature in it.

    Thanks to Bemmer, Thanks for Calender feature integration

    Now, I can use Open Office for my entire range of Office work

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