Mozilla rushes Firefox 3.0.8 to address latest security bugs

It turned out Mozilla only needed a couple of days to release the needed fixes for a couple of security vulnerabilities disclosed in the last few days. One uncovered last week during the CanSecWest Pwn2Own contest; the other published a couple of days ago by an Italian hacker.

While Firefox 3.0.8 fixes only these two critical security bugs, another was already on schedule for release on mid-April. I think this release may delay Firefox 3.0.9 release a bit, but should still come out in April.

To update, in the Help menu, select Check For Updates… and follow the onscreen instructions if you are not automatically prompted before that.

3 thoughts on “Mozilla rushes Firefox 3.0.8 to address latest security bugs”

  1. Firefox 3.0.8 keeps crashing on my computer. I can’t even get a single page to load and it crashed also during an extesnion update. A really unstable release, if you ask me…

  2. What is going on with a lot of people that keep having problems with FF 3 all the upgrades work fine but if you go to the FF website you will see a lot of people saying that it crashes it freezes , bookmarks are not there , History won’t delete and other stuff so weird FF 3 works great but not for some people

  3. Intalled latest veresion of Firefox in Vista and it won’t load or execute, I keep getting any error messsage.
    What to do?

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