Mozilla releases Firefox with Bing edition

While Google remains the default search engine for Firefox (not that it is, unanimously, the best choice), Mozilla has announced today a new Firefox edition for USA users that features Bing as the default search engine and as the default home page. site screen shot

Visitors of who are already using the latest Firefox will instead be prompted to install Bing Search for Firefox, a restartless extension that does just the same: sets Bing as your default search engine and home page.

This is not really as big an announcement if you keep in mind that there are several Firefox editions in the wild already,  as a result of partnerships between Mozilla and big names including Twitter, Yahoo, Yandex, and a few others. Some sites however are speculating this may be a sign of changes to come, mainly, Bing becoming the default search engine when Mozilla’s contract with Google ends this November.

Would it be a big change for you? I am guessing not. As a current Firefox user you have probably already set your default search engine and home page, and it is very, deeply incredibly unlikely that Mozilla will change any of these settings for your during an update.

The deal is definitely about new Firefox users (in the order of millions) who would find Bing as the suggested point of entry to the web.

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