Firefox 3.6 about 30% more stable than Firefox 3.5

So if you haven’t updated yet, there goes another reason to do so now.

According to a report released by Ken Kovash from the Mozilla Metrics team, Firefox 3.6 has not only seen a 40% stability improvement since its initial release (from about 6.5 crashes for every 100 users, to around 2.5), but it has already surpassed 3.5 with all its updates since its initial release about 10 months ago.

Firefox crashiness by version over time

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Mozilla publishes State of the Internet

Mozilla metrics has released the first State of the Internet report, an effort to share some of the lots of valuable information, Mozilla, as a web browser maker collects through products and add-ons downloads, updates, from third parties, and experiments.

This first in what should become a quarterly regular publication, focuses on global Firefox market share, and some interesting findings on web browsing habits in the US and the globe:

Some key insights from this report include:

  • Looking across several sources of market share data, Firefox’s worldwide share appears close to 30%.
  • Usage/Adoption of Firefox this quarter grew most dramatically in Russia.
  • Where do people get the earliest start to their day?  Hawaii, Wyoming, and Maine.  And the latest start?  New York.
  • People in South America and Antarctica are passionate about personalizing their browser.
  • In one usage study, we found one person having more than 600 tabs open at one time.  (This last insight comes from Test Pilot, Mozilla Labs’ platform for opt-in participation in studies and experiments.)

You can get the report here (PDF), Also available in ODF format thanks to Ken Saunders. I’ve made a Spanish version available in Mozilla Perú, as well.