Mozilla Links wins Add-ons Promotion Contest

What a nice way to start the week! I just learned at Spread Firefox that Mozilla Links’ review of Forum Additive, has won the Add-ons Promotion Contest, launched last February by Ken Saunders, Jackie Liu, Marco Casteleijn and Otto de Voogd, who also acted as jury.

The top 10:

  1. 23 Forum Additive – reviewed by Mozilla Links
  2. 22 Adblock Plus – reviewed by Vikas Sah
  3. 19 ScrapBook – [Spanish] reviewed by Leandro Ardissone
  4. 18 CoLT – reviewed by ffextensionguru
  5. 14 NewsFox – reviewed by Mozilla Links
  6. 12 Secure Login – reviewed by Mozilla Links
  7. 12 DownThemAll! – [Spanish] reviewed by Zona Firefox
  8. 10 FoxFilter – reviewed by Mozilla Links
  9. 10 Google Toolbar 3 – reviewed by Cybernetnews
  10. 9 FavLoc – reviewed by Mozilla Links
  11. 9 Download Statusbar – reviewed by ffextensionguru

Congrats to Vikas Sah, Leandro Ardissone,the Firefox Extension Guru, Zona Firefox and Cybernet News. I can see it was a tight decision.

Thanks to Jackie, Ken, Otto and Marco for organizing this contest and providing yet another incentive to keep up with Mozilla development.

And finally thanks to all the readers of Mozilla Links and the contest reviews for taking their time to give a look at our work.

6 thoughts on “Mozilla Links wins Add-ons Promotion Contest”

  1. Congratulations!! You really deserve it as one of the best information sources about Firefox 🙂

    Was really good to share this contest with all of you. Now we want to see the t-shirt!!

  2. Wish you would start an extension contest for Thunderbird. I would love to nominate my extension for Thunderbird “Send Later” which allows you to schedule a date/time to send an email later.

  3. RE: newsfox. you can control the problem of newsfox loading into an existing, rather than a new tab by downloading permatabs. Make newsfox a permatab and your never without it. Of course, this will only be good fix for feed nuts like myself.

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