Mozilla Links turns four calendars

Four years ago the first edition of Mozilla Links, then a newsletter, went out to about 2,000 subscribers. Alex Bishop, Bart Decrem, David Boswell, Brian King, Myk Melez, yours truly and some others I don’t remember right now, worked together during a month and a couple of beta releases to provide a simple way to keep Mozilla products users up to date with what’s going on, what’s coming, how to do thing better and know the people behind the great project Mozilla is.

When I first contacted Bart Decrem, then Mozilla Marketing leader, I wanted to ask him about the possibility of merging and reorganizing the Mozilla newsgroups then running on a Netscape secure server. I may still have that email somewhere but for some reason I asked about creating a newsletter. I didn’t realize the mistake until Bart commented what a great idea it would be and what else I had in mind. I liked the idea of the newsletter even more and never asked a thing again about the newsgroups (which got moved and reorganized to Mozilla servers about a couple of years ago I think).

I prepared a first table of contents draft for Mitchell Baker and other Mozillians’ review and finally it got the green light for a first beta. Everything went OK and then on September 2, 2003, the first issue went live. It quickly became evident that it was a lot of work to coordinate the articles for a biweekly publication and after about six months it became monthly. The newsletter saw a lot of growth during those months in number of readers (peaking at around 10,000), project members (I think ~25 at its peak) and number of localizations (10+). Robin Monks, Michael Lefevre, Daniel Wang, and many others helped to make the newsletter a fun project.

Then as I finished my masters degree, with a full time job and a beautiful family to look after, I was left no time for the newsletter, which led to an unplanned end in April 2005. I finished my masters degree and quickly got back to restore Mozilla Links, but now as a blog.

The return was on December 26, 2005 on Blogger. And in July 2006 I finally moved it to an independent hosting for maximum flexibility.

While I am satisfied with the success of Mozilla Links so far, I am pretty sure there are millions of web users out there interested in knowing more about the Mozilla products and Firefox in particular, considering it is the center of their online life. So my expectations are for a very high growth in the next and coming years.

Some Mozilla Links statistics, as of today:

  • a Technorati Top 10K
  • Alexa 80,070
  • PageRank 6
  • about 100K page views a month
  • gets dugg, StumbleUpon-ed, reddit-ed once in a while
  • 488 posts, 1616 comments, and 123K spam comments blocked by Akismet.
  • ~2400 subscribers via Feedburner
  • Browsers share: Firefox 77%, Internet Explorer 11%, Mozilla 5%, Opera 3%, Safari 2.5%, Camino 0.4%, etc.
  • OS Share: Windows 80%, Linux 10%, Mac OS X 9%, etc.

Thanks to all the past Mozilla Links contributors who joined this project at some time. Special thanks to Rossano (Ross) Orlandini for driving Mozilla Links – Italian Edition through a lot of changes I unmercifully do here and there. He recently made an important update to the web site. My apologies to all the people who go unmentioned, please feel free to drop a line in the comments. I’ll be glad to see you around.

And finally, thanks to the thousands of readers who drop by Mozilla Links to grab their fix of Mozilla content which is the final reason for all this to happen.

Everybody is welcomed to drop a note on their product releases, tips and news you believe people will be interested, and localizers are always welcomed to join and help spread the news in their own language.

4 thoughts on “Mozilla Links turns four calendars”

  1. Congratulations Percy — your blog is a great contribution to the overall Mozilla project, and I’m grateful for the obvious hard work and dedication you put into Mozilla Links. Looking forward to four more years!

  2. Thanks David, Paul. It’s really a lot of work and fun at the same time to find the most relevant content and try to keep up with the lot of news surrounding Mozilla.

    I really appreciate your kind words.

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