Mozilla Labs’ F1 update adds LinkedIn and features new UI

Sharing with Mozilla Messaging's F1

Mozilla Labs has released a new update for F1, the Firefox extension that eases content sharing on the web, by adding a button to the toolbar you can press to share links in popular social networks and web mail services.

F1 0.7.5 adds support for LinkedIn and allows twitter and Facebook direct messages. The most important change is in the interface however, as the sharing panel is now a bubble over the content instead of a top bar as before.

F1 only supports Firefox 4 betas. So if you aren’t digital living on the edge, this is the right time to start with a double dose. Get Firefox 4 beta and F1.

Game on 2010, making the case for fun for web standards

Mozilla Labs has launched <GAME_ON>, a game design competition that aims to ignite the web development scene encouraging developers around the globe to grab their editors and Firefox 4 to create the best web standards based game.

With HTML5 (canvas, video, audio), CSS, and JavaScript at their disposal there isn’t really much that can’t be done.

The deadline is January 11th, 2011 (1.11.11, you can´t forget). A mix of community members and expert voting will determine the winners on January 31st. The overall winner will fly to California to assit the Game Developer Conference and Independent Games Festival, as well as a tour to Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View.

I really hope they can announce the winner earlier. 28 days doesn’t sound enough to get a US visa in many countries.

Connecting the web with Firefox and Ubiquity

Mozilla Labs has released the first public release of Ubiquity, a Firefox extension that has been in the works for a few months now and introduced during the Mozilla Summit, last month.

It is really hard to explain what it does but here are a couple of examples:


  • select a piece of text you want to translate
  • press Ctrl + Space to invoke the Ubiquity command line, type trans and press Enter.
  • a translated version of the selected text replaces the content in the actual page.


  • select a piece of text you want to share by email
  • press Ctrl + Space to invoke the Ubiquity command line, type email this to, select a contact (pulled from your Gmail contacts) and press Enter.
  • you get a Gmail compose page ready for you to press Send to complete the asked action.

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