Mozilla Foundation executive director steps down

Frank HeckerFrank Hecker, a long time Mozilla volunteer and Mozilla Foundation’s Executive Director has announced he will step down from the position, “remaining active in those areas where [he] could most make a difference” and at the same time, aid the Foundation in finding “someone who has solid management experience and a track record of growing organizations” and “located in California, local to (most) of the Mozilla Foundation board and a critical mass of core Mozilla contributors”, reads Frank Hecker’s blog post on the subject.

On a separate post, Mitchell Baker, thanked Hecker for his dedication as a volunteer first and Executive Director later, and recognized his contributions: “The Mozilla Foundation would be far weaker without Frank’s dedication and efforts, which represent much of what is great about the Mozilla project. I am looking forward to working with Frank in the future. I suspect he will continue to do much of the same work he has been doing, particularly in the accessibility and grants area where he has been leading such great efforts.”

She adds: “The Mozilla Foundation has engaged an executive recruiter to help us identify good candidates and to conduct a healthy process for identifying, evaluating and ultimately deciding on the right person for its next Executive Director. We haven’t yet mapped out exactly what that process will look like, but we know it will be open, public and highly interactive.”.

Regarding the present and future of the Mozilla project, he adds: “There are still many unanswered questions that need to be discussed and decided. For example: To what extent, and for what, should the Mozilla Foundation engage in advocacy on behalf of users of Firefox and other Mozilla products? To what extent should the Foundation support free and open source software projects other than Mozilla and, if so, which ones should be the highest priorities? Should the Foundation support projects that are not directly related to software at all? The bottom line is that a lot needs to be done in order for the Mozilla Foundation to move forward and become the sort of organization it can be and (in my opinion) should be.”