Mozilla China and Baidu strike a deal

Baidu logoMozilla Online, the Chinese subsidiary of Mozilla has struck a deal with China leading web search provider, Baidu.

According to the very little information available, Baidu will pay an undisclosed amount to Mozilla Online for bundling its search engine in Chinese editions of Firefox.

The agreement won’t make any difference for users of the Chinese Simplified (zh-CN) edition since Baidu is already included with Firefox as a bundled search engine since Firefox 2.

It is not clear if it will be added to Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) edition which doesn’t include Baidu as of Firefox Also, Google will remain as the default search engine according to Mozilla Japan’s Gen Kanai.

Mozilla Online CEO, Li Gong, said that Mozilla’s relationship with Google will not affect it’s cooperation with other search providers.

Firefox Traditional Chinese edition showing the search engine list as of

So it sounds as a strategic move for Baidu to ensure a place in Firefox’s default search engines list.

6 thoughts on “Mozilla China and Baidu strike a deal”

  1. Simplified Chinese: China (zh-CN)
    Traditional Chinese: all places speak Chinese except China, i.e. Taiwan (zh-TW), Hong Kong (zh-HK), and U.S. Chinatowns.

    “Traditional” and “Simplified” makes no sense to non-Chinese users, so it’s better to refer them as “Chinese Taiwan” and “Chinese (China)”.

    In my P.O.V., Baidu is unlikely to be included in the Chinese (Taiwan) edition – they don’t even provide the language yet. Not to mention being set as default.

    Baidu have not enter any market outside China. The biggest search provider in Taiwan is Yahoo Taiwan (; as you may know, the deal last year made Yahoo the default search engine for Chinese (Taiwan) version of Firefox.

    Thanks for the information though.

  2. jinjian, alicekey: thanks for the corrections. I’ve updated the article.

    timdream: thanks for the explanation, I had no idea the variations were that different.

    Francois Botha: thanks for the *very* ugly catch. My apologies.

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