Mozilla-based browser for Intel Ultra Mobile platform

Moblin logoIntel has announced the launch of Moblin, an umbrella open source project for a Linux-based operating system and applications for Intel Ultra Mobile Platform which includes mobile Internet devices and ultraportable PCs.

Mobile Browser, one of the application projects will deliver a Mozilla-based web browser for Moblin. It will be based on Firefox code and will keep Mozilla’s user interface definition language (XUL), add-ons support, and a clean user interface modified and optimized for finger control. The screenshot below (provided by Moblin) shows a pretty unmodified Firefox running on Moblin OS.

Moblin Mozilla-based web browser

Chat, image capture and multimedia management applications are also included in Moblin with more to come as more developers jump aboard.

According to the FAQ, Moblin will work closely with Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition project and some projects may even be dropped on one side or the other and merged to avoid overlapping.

If you’re experimenting déjà vu, don’t worry about the matrix (yet). It is just because as recently as last week, Nokia announced a similar project, Maemo, with a similar Mozilla-based browser to be developed. Fortunately, Maemo and Moblin applications will be based on open source Hildon application framework so applications created for one platform should be easily portable to the other.