Mozilla Add-ons now featuring personas

In preparation for Firefox 3.6, due later this year and which will feature lightweight themes support or personas, Mozilla Add-ons has just added a section dedicated to personas, so users won’t have to go a separate site for all their customization needs.

Like, you just hover the personas thumbnails to live preview it on Firefox. If you like it, just press Wear it to keep it. To choose another theme, open the Add-ons Manager and select a different one in the Themes tab. Continue reading Mozilla Add-ons now featuring personas

Mozilla Add-ons lets you support add-on development

Mozilla Add-ons has announced a new feature that allows developers ask for voluntary contributions to users who benefit from their creations:

We’re incredibly excited about the potential of Contributions and hope it makes a meaningful difference in the lives of developers and users alike. As always, we’ll be evaluating this pilot as we receive feedback and making changes based on that feedback.

As shown in the screenshot below, a small widget is shown in the add-on description, though it’s just one of several options developers have to ask. Users can select the suggested contribution amount, or give as much as they want via Paypal, the selected provider for handling the contributions, in part because of its international reach and reduced fees for micropayments (payments under $12) which will most likely dominate among contributors.

Continue reading Mozilla Add-ons lets you support add-on development

Mozilla Add-ons gets social with Collections

Mozilla Add-ons has introduced a new powerful feature that lets you collect your favorite add-ons and save them as a single add-on collection making it a lot easier to carry your add-ons around and share them with your friends or just everybody.

You will need a Mozilla Add-ons account to log in and be able to create and subscribe to new collections. Simply search for an add-on and add it to a new or existing collection. You will then have a chance to choose to make your collection private or public. If it is public people will be able to subscribe to it as a web feed like my personal collection of add-ons. Continue reading Mozilla Add-ons gets social with Collections

Google, Microsoft and Mozilla gather for first browser add-ons conference

Organized by OneRiot, AdaptiveBlue, and Sxipper, Add-on-Con will be the first conference dedicated to web browser add-ons with people from Google, Mozilla and Microsoft coming together to discuss the future of web browsing.

The one day event, that has Mozilla and Mashable as platinum sponsors, will have Business and Technical tracks with five sessions each, and two keynotes.

Add-on-Con will take place on December 11 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Admission is $150. A portion of the profits will be donated to the One Laptop per Child Project.

Fashion your Firefox: pick, click, customize

Mozilla has unveiled Fashion your Firefox, a cool new Mozilla Add-ons feature that allows you to select a number of add-ons and download and install them all in a single click for the fastest possible Firefox customization, um, fashion.

It is currently limited to a couple dozen featured add-ons and not the whole repository. I, and I guess many other users, would like to see this feature extended, and with options to save different packages so you can download them again in the future. A handy trick for reinstalls.

According to Mozilla Marketing’s David Rolnitzky, more than 5,000 add-ons have been downloaded more than a billion times (a.k.a. 1,000 million), confirming once again, that customization is one of the main advantages Firefox has over a growing number of competitors.