Mozilla Add-ons gets social with Collections

Mozilla Add-ons has introduced a new powerful feature that lets you collect your favorite add-ons and save them as a single add-on collection making it a lot easier to carry your add-ons around and share them with your friends or just everybody.

You will need a Mozilla Add-ons account to log in and be able to create and subscribe to new collections. Simply search for an add-on and add it to a new or existing collection. You will then have a chance to choose to make your collection private or public. If it is public people will be able to subscribe to it as a web feed like my personal collection of add-ons.

Mozilla Add-ons Collections

The single feature I miss here is the ability to install a complete collection with a single click ike Fashion Your Firefox did in the past.

To complement the new feature, Mozilla Add-ons has also introduced a new extension, Add-on Collector, which extends Firefox Add-ons Manager so it presents your favorite collections (added from Mozilla Add-ons) and also allows you to search among collections created by others.

Add-ons collector extension

It also offers an option to automatically publish all your currently installed add-ons (extensions, themes, dictionaries, and language packs) as a collection.

All in all, a nice addition that eases the discovery of cool and useful add-ons, and hopefully an option to install a whole collection will follow soon.

Check the new Mozilla Add-ons.