Let’s get video on Wikipedia

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The Open Video Alliance and the Participatory Culture Foundation have launched a new campaign to encourage people to upload videos to Wikipedia, the free collaborative online encyclopedia.

Video on Wikipedia, is a new site launched for the campaign explains the benefits of open video and Wikipedia on their own, and the big opportunity for both to support each other and produce exponentially greater free content for all to access.

There’s also a brief tutorial on how to get your video uploaded to Wikipedia, starting with converting your videos to Theora using Firefogg, an online conversion tool, or Miro Converter, a stand-alone video converter currently in beta status.

This is a great call to action, a great opportunity to learn, help, and share videos of what sometimes seems oh so familiar to all us but may be of interest for thousands of people.

Adopt a Miro code line

Miro Adoption Center

The Participatory Culture Foundation, makers of Miro, the open source web video player, has launched a creative program for members of the Miro community to support its development.

Nicholas Reville, program manager and PCF co-founder, said that “Miro is facing a very serious budget challenge this year but we want to use this moment to permanently turn our funding model on its head.”, at least in part as a result of the stock market decline affecting most of the organizations that support the PCF.

Your donation of $4/month will make you the sponsor of one of 46,000 lines of code, which will be named after you and you will have the chance to watch it grow and even feature your little critter as your very own in your website or wherever you can insert some HTML code.

Here, meet Tyc Cabello.

You can donate with any major credit card orPaypal, and can quit at any time. For more details check the program’s FAQ.

Firefox wins Webware 100 2008!

Webware 100 2008 winnerAnd Internet Explorer and Safari. And Opera. Oh, and Maxthon too.

So it seems that when mommy told us that having fun is what mattered and everyone was a winner, she was right! Specially if you are competing in the browsing category, there will be ten winners and only six other kids are actually browsers!

Duh-factor aside, Firefox was among the top 10 voted products that amounted for about half of the 1.9 million votes, so at least it was one of the most voted browser, despite Maxthon’s tricky tactics.

Miro and Joost also got voted in the top ten in the Video category.

The list is worth looking at and you may learn about an interesting product or two. Webware 100 2008 Winners.

Miro 1.2 update is out with the latest Mozilla 1.9

Miro, the open source Mozilla-based video player and aggregator has been updated to version 1.2. Most notable is the update to XUL Runner 1.9 based on Mozilla 1.9, the latest and still in development version of the Mozilla platform. Apparently, the PCF found it stable enough (like Firefox 3, is it currently in Beta 4 status) to make the switch and will benefit from the solid performance improvements discussed before.

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