A big step for open video: Miro Converter

The Participatory Culture Foundation recently released another update to Miro, its flagship open video player and platform. But perhaps even more interesting is the announcement and release of a brand new product: Miro Converter.

As its name implies, this new title makes the task of converting video among different formats a dead simple one: drag a file, select what format you need it in and wait for Miro Converter do its magic.

Of course, Miro defaults to Theora for all transcoding but it can also output in MP4 format for a variety of portable devices including most iPod/iPhone generations, PSP, and several cell phones including Droid / Milestone, Nexus One, G1, Magic / myTouch, Droid Eris , HTC Hero, Cliq, and Behold. Continue reading A big step for open video: Miro Converter