Minimal Firefox

Used Hide Caption by Ji Shiping, to hide the title bar. Cons: have to aim below the window control buttons to move the window; need a Mozilla Add-ons account to download.

Fission by Zeniko, adds a progress bar to the location bar so you can hide the status bar. Cons: no room for extensions’ status bar icons or download status.

Compact Menu 2 by Milly C., to reduce the menu bar to a blue button next to the location bar. Cons: an additional click for menu only actions.

Searching with keywords only, hence, no search bar. Stop and reload buttons combined via CSS. No global throbber.


3 thoughts on “Minimal Firefox”

  1. Thanks for this. I posted this about browsing on a Home Theater PC

    If I could take the minimal FOX and make the Awesome Bar 30 to 40 pts high and set the default Zoom level to persist across pages, I think I would be done. I asked a couple of themers about doing this, with no luck.

    The techniques used in Minimal Firefox certainly look easier to start with than customizing


  2. Hi there.
    Thanks for this information.
    I have a question: How much is a risk it to install an experimental add-on like “hide caption”?
    I keep it working but I am a little bit afraid of this add-on to contain any kind of spyware, since I am a firefox new user.

    1. Dear F
      I have used the hide caption addon for a few days now. I have made a cursory examination of the file HideCaptions.js, which contains the executable code for this extension. I do not feel that I am at any risk from this extension in its current state. I would feel more comfortable if I their was some sort of contact information for the author or a website devoted to it, but many people have legitimate reasons for not including contact information, like protecting their privacy and time. I think the person who did this extension has a high skill level in both Firefox and in programming.

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