Meet the Fennec logo

Firefox Mobile (codename Fennec) development builds will now sport its own cool logo based on the plain globe icon of unbranded Firefox builds with a large fennec fox head overlaid. A fennec fox is a small large-eared Saharian fox and, according to te Wikipedia, the only fox species that can be kept as a pet though not domesticated.

There is also a simplified version to be used when a very small size is required.

Both versions were created by Nobox, the design firm responsible for the Firefox 3 robot, Operation Firefox, Firefox Campus Edition and other Firefox-related art.

John Slater, Mozilla Creative Director, notes that this logo “has nothing do to with the final Firefox Mobile branding” in the announcement post.

Fennec recently reached Milestone 4 with builds available for Nokia’s N800 and N810 Internet tablets and is expected to go final by year’s end.

19 thoughts on “Meet the Fennec logo”

  1. Cool logo. A bit wide for a 16×16 format though. Could be more “square” if you know what I mean.

    Damn you fennec and your large ears!!! :shakesfist:

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  7. Nice!

    Only thing I would change is to make it a little less “angry”.
    Since it stares the user straight in the eyes I think it would be better if the eyes showed a somewhat friendlier expression. No I am not suggesting a big smiling face, but when you look at a real live Fennec it looks more like a cat than an attack dog.

  8. So I guess this means there’s no chance of ever acknowledging the fact that a “firefox” is a red panda.

    Oh well. I like foxies.

  9. Cool logo, angry look is fine, because in nature its a small little cute fox, so the internet browser mobile is small but it does not mean that its, you know, pinky sweet or something… mobile browser besides its smal, mobile browser schould be small and fighting spirit… so this logo express this, its small Fennec, small browser, but its good, has fighting spirit and can do everything.

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