Meet Foxmosa, Firefox Taiwanese mascot


Thanks to Handome Puppy of the Taiwanese Mozilla community, here are some additional details about Foxmosa, Taiwan’s cute Firefox mascot that debuted a few years ago promoting Firefox 2.

Since then she’s also been used to promote last year’s Firefox Download Day and Firefox 3 parties, along with a Foxmosa tour in Taiwan where it was pictured around the island guided by a squad of volunteers. For some pics check Mozilla Links – Taiwanese Edition.

The design of Foxmosa was done by Taiwanese illustrator, Tatit, who is an avid Firefox user as well, and its name is a pun on Formosa. Its writing in Chinese, 狐耳摩莎, is also a pun on Formosa in Chinese 福爾摩莎, where 狐耳 means fox ears.

Foxmosa personality and other raw materials are in planning right now and will likely be released under trhe Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial – ShareAlike license.

This way, Foxmosa joins Foxkeh, and G-Fox, in the cute Firefox promotion front.

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