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It’s been more that six years now since I switched to Mozilla (the Suite then) and sometimes I still miss Internet Explorer’s audio feedback that let me know with a soft click or beep that something was going on.

Sometimes visual is not enough. For example, unless you are very alert, you probably won’t notice the blue glow in the search bar icon when a site provides a custom search engine you can add to Firefox. To a lesser degree, something similar happens for web feeds, popup blocks, information bar popups, download complete messages and so on

PopupSound options

I haven’t been able to find an extension to track all that events but PopupSound, a Firefox extension developed by nrlz, adds sounds for a few events: popup blocking, link clicks (navigation started) and completed downloads. While it’s not comprehensive (and I wish it was) it may help recent IE switchers who are used to it and other users who just want to listen what their browser is doing.

PopupSound bundles some default sounds, but you can easily change them through its options window (not available through the Tools menu, thanks!).

Windows users may want to try the sounds included with Windows by default. They can be found on c:windowsmedia.

Aside from a very necessary name change and the limited number of events it does what it says in a simple way.

Get PopupSound from Mozilla Add-ons.

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  2. Good add-on but the problem about it is the navigation “click” sound that I add on to Firefox seems to play more than it does on Internet Explorer. For example, if I go to gmail on firefox, and type a message, that click sound would constantly go on and on while I type. I’m not sure if there’s a way to fix this.

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