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Web forums fans now have a better way to stay tuned to the threads they care.Forum Additive is a Firefox extension developed by Alesio D’Adamo Jacopo that tracks forum threads and notifies when a new post is added.

ForumAdditive: Monitor this thread


It works like a charm: right click on the thread link (not the thread itself), select Forum Additive, Monitor this thread or just double click the link and it will start tracking thread replies. By default Forum Addtive will check for updates every 30 seconds. But you can configure it as well as for how long you want to monitor a thread (3 days by default). Notification happens in the status bar, with a cute themable pop up, a sound or a combination of any of them. Smartly, you can define your nick or username for a specific forum so it won’t notify on your own posts.

ForumAdditive: NotificationCurrently it supports vBulletin, SMF, Invision Board, Forum Free and phpBB which accounts for a large portion of all web forums out there. I miss Google Groups though as well as WordPress where I find subscribing to a post comments’ web feed an overkill plus, since there’s no way to set it to expire in Firefox they would just pile up.

While the options window would benefit of a reorganization and I would like to be taken to the specific reply when clicking on a notification message instead to the thread first post , these are just minor downsides for a useful extension, hardcore forum posters will love.

UPDATE: Alessio notes that clicking in a message takes to the most recent post, except for phpBB which is the one I tested.

Due to Mozilla Add-ons migration process it’s not available but from the developer’s web site (IT, just scroll all the way down and click on INSTALLA). Vote for this review.

Usefulness: 4/5 – Usability: 4/5 – Features: 5/5

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  1. Thank you for review 😉
    Soon i will release a new version to fix a small bug on a profile personalization.

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