Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo now available

Mozilla has just released Firefox 4 beta for Android and Maemo.

Improvements in this version includes much stronger support for HTML5 features, WebM video, latest CSS and JavaScript enhancements, boosted performance, multitouch support, and Sync, the Mozilla service that provides seemless integration between your desktop and mobile devices allowing you to carry your bookmarks, history, passwords and tabs wherever you go.

Now I really need to get an Android phone! Playing with an Android VM just doesn’t cut it.

More details in the Firefox 4 for Maemo and Android release notes.

Firefox for mobile version bumped to 4.0

Mozilla´s mobile team has announced that the next major update for Firefox for mobile will be bumped to 4.0, to align it with its desktop counterpart.

Currently about to go into beta stage, the update formerly known as 2.0, will bring much of Firefox 4 goodness including the same render engine whcih means enhanced performance andweb standards support.

Firefox 4 for mobile will be available for Maemo and Android users.

Firefox for Maemo 1.1 (with neat new features) in May

The mobile Firefox team has some neat new features coming for the next Firefox for Maemo release, currently labeled as version 1.1, as noted by Mark Finkle in a blog post.

Among the new features:

  • Form assistant improvements, including autocomplete

  • Start page redesign

  • Auto update add-ons
  • Portrait support on N900
  • Context Menu with Open in New Tab and Save Image

  • Web content theme update
  • Manage site preferences (clearing passwords and others)

  • Clean up site menu
  • Use volume keys to zoom on N900
  • Save page to PDF. This features has been postponed a lot of times for the desktop version.

It’s worth noting that most of these new features have already landed in mobile Firefox, and a beta is expected for later this week, with a final release targeted for May.

Much expected Firefox for Android, the other current Firefox mobile platform, is also currently  under development, and nightly builds are expected soon.