Maemo announced Mozilla browser for Nokia tablets

Maemo browser Ajax support

Maemo, an open source project that develops software for Nokia Linux-based tablets like the N770 and N800, has released a development version of a Mozilla-based web browser.

The web browser is based on Mozilla 1.9 platform, currently under development for Firefox 3 release. It includes full Ajax support, integration with the tablet’s web feeds viewer and support for some Firefox add-ons though not directly as they have to be repackaged as .deb files. For example, support for web cards (WML), small web page versions for mobile devices is delivered through an add-on (previously reviewed here in Mozilla Links).

To reduce some memory footprint however some features have been trimmed currently like the use of the Cairo graphics library and support for XUL (Mozilla user interface language) and SVG (vector graphics language).

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

According to the browser web page, Nokia Tablet users must have the latest Internet Tablet OS 2007. Then visit a particular web address with Nokia’s default web browser to download the actual application and add it to the application repository where it can be installed from. The next time the web browser is started it will be the Mozilla-based version.

Maemo browser Ajax support

To learn more about the Mozilla-based browser for maemo, check the web site.

14 thoughts on “Maemo announced Mozilla browser for Nokia tablets”

  1. Ryan, I am not sure if it is officially available in the USA but a quick look in eBay says it’s around $400. Not bad I think.

    Knight, Minimo development has stalled recently but it’s not been canceled as far as I know either. It just seems Mozilla is not sure that a full browser is what current devices need and is considering things like Joey which acts as a bridge between your desktop and cell phone.

  2. I didn’t even think to check eBay, I just couldn’t find the price on the site. $400 for that seems pretty reasonable since it looks more powerful than the iPhone.

    As for Minimo that was never an official project of Mozilla…it has always been considered a “hobby” that’s been done by one person. The development of that has always been done as time permits.

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  4. Ryan and Knight,
    I found the Nokia 770 for $139 (free s/h) and the Nokia 800 for $365.51 (free s/h) on with a $10.00 discount for new google cart customers.

    I have not gotten either one YET. Trying to figure out if the 800 is worth the $200 more over the 770.

    Any thoughts?
    Ms Dusty

  5. That’s a pretty big price difference between the two…I think I would go for the cheaper, but then again I prefer the things that are a little more affordable. 🙂

  6. Do anyone try this browser on iNotes website of Lotus notes server?

    I use this microb-browser to enter my Lotus notes webmail, It is iNotes template. But it always popup “Javascript blablabla…” dialog, after many clicking OK,finally this browser can not show email entries in inbox web page..

    PS. I use Internet Tablet OS 2007 for Nokia N800

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