Like Personas? Get Personas Plus for more

Personas is now available for everybody who updated to Firefox 3.6, just released yesterday. However, before been a feature, it was an extension, developed by Mozilla Labs. It’s the first of hopefully a long list of innovations to come to Firefox (and most likely, other web browsers as well). Other Mozilla Labs’ projects including Prism, Weave, and Jetpack are next in line (Ubiquity will come later).

Now that personas are available for Firefox 3.6, the original extension has been rebranded as Personas Plus, as it provides even more functionality. Here are a few reasons you may want to try Personas Plus:

  • Browse personas by category, popularity, and most recently added. With over 35,000 personas, this one is really helps you reach the best when there’s no much time.
  • Have your favorites on hand. You will need to register at, so you can mark your and save your favorite personas to have them easily accessible from the Personas Plus’ status bar menu.

  • Make your own persona. First, you have to enable the Custom Persona menu option via Personas Plus’ preferences. Then you can set colors and images for your toolbars and status bar background.

Defining a custom persona

  • Combine themes and personas. This is one of the most common complaints I have heard about Personas implementation in Firefox: you can’t mix themes and personas. While I can understand this is an uncommon case for  most users, I don’t get why this capability was removed from the latest Personas Plus 1.5. If you install the previous version 1.4 you will be able to have a themes’ button icons for example on top of the persona. Below is the

Combining Firefox themes and personas

Get Personas Plus at Mozilla Add-ons.

4 thoughts on “Like Personas? Get Personas Plus for more”

  1. Especially considering the negative feedback from users on the Personas AMO page, I was surprised too and still am about the call to separate Themes and Personas.
    They could officially revert back to 1.4’s capabilities themselves I suppose. Although, I haven’t tested Personas 1.4 in 3.6.
    Does the fact that the default theme must be used to apply a Persona in 3.6 override 1.4’s capabilities?

  2. Hey Percy, you have an image missing. I see the alt text (Combining Firefox themes and personas), but no image.
    I thought that I had Adblocked your site, but I didn’t and never would intentionally. 🙂

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