Let’s get video on Wikipedia

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The Open Video Alliance and the Participatory Culture Foundation have launched a new campaign to encourage people to upload videos to Wikipedia, the free collaborative online encyclopedia.

Video on Wikipedia, is a new site launched for the campaign explains the benefits of open video and Wikipedia on their own, and the big opportunity for both to support each other and produce exponentially greater free content for all to access.

There’s also a brief tutorial on how to get your video uploaded to Wikipedia, starting with converting your videos to Theora using Firefogg, an online conversion tool, or Miro Converter, a stand-alone video converter currently in beta status.

This is a great call to action, a great opportunity to learn, help, and share videos of what sometimes seems oh so familiar to all us but may be of interest for thousands of people.

One thought on “Let’s get video on Wikipedia”

  1. It’s an awesome effort that I believe will help to bring more visibility and new life to Theora.

    Making it easier to convert videos to Theora, and having a well established and managed site/service such as Wikipedia to upload, view, and download videos from is exactly what was/is needed.

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