Firefox wins Webware 100 2008!

Webware 100 2008 winnerAnd Internet Explorer and Safari. And Opera. Oh, and Maxthon too.

So it seems that when mommy told us that having fun is what mattered and everyone was a winner, she was right! Specially if you are competing in the browsing category, there will be ten winners and only six other kids are actually browsers!

Duh-factor aside, Firefox was among the top 10 voted products that amounted for about half of the 1.9 million votes, so at least it was one of the most voted browser, despite Maxthon’s tricky tactics.

Miro and Joost also got voted in the top ten in the Video category.

The list is worth looking at and you may learn about an interesting product or two. Webware 100 2008 Winners.

Miro, Firefox and Joost are Webware 100 finalists

Webware 100 2008 logoJust like last year, Firefox is a finalist in the browsing category of Webware 100’s , a yearly award to the favorite Web 2.0 applications.

This year, two other Mozilla-based products are nominated in the video category: Miro, the open source video player and aggregator; and Joost, a proprietary Internet TV offering.

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Mozilla based distributed TV on the way

Alan Beaufour, long time Mozilla developer, announced today that he is working in a new project started by the creators of infamous KaZaa and beloved Skype: the Venice Project, a  10-month old venture that aims “to revolutionize how you watch TV”. Using peer-to-peer (P2P) techniques it will enable user to “watch [TV] where and when you want to, and see TV that actually interests you.” It will be “provided by content owners directly, and it’s all protected with the highest standard of encryption and we are working within the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) framework to ensure that it complies with appropriate content protection and ownership regulations.”, reads a post in the project’s official blog. Continue reading Mozilla based distributed TV on the way