John Lilly appointed as Mozilla Corp. CEO

John Lilly, new Mozilla Corp. CEOFormer Mozilla Corporation Chief Operation Officer, John Lilly, has been appointed CEO, succeeding Mitchell Baker on the role.

Mitchell will remain as Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation’s Chairman.

On a blog post, Mitchell explains that the announcement is more about a title change, since in practice, John has been performing CEO tasks for a while now: “John and I have been unconsciously moving towards this change for some time, as John has been providing more and more organizational leadership. It is very Mozilla-like to acknowledge the scope of someone’s role after he or she has been doing it for a while, and this is a good part of what is happening here.”

John, a member of the Participatory Culture Foundation (maker of Miro) and the Open Source Applications Foundation boards, talked on his blog about his goals for the Mozilla Corporation he now runs: “The most successful case for Mozilla Corporation will be when the corporation itself is sort of invisible. That is, when MoCo can support Mozilla’s mission, providing economic sustainability, project coordination, and a connection to real users around the world, while getting out of the way of what our community all around the world is doing.”

Interestingly, John’s post lists the new messaging subsidiary as a top priority along with shipping Firefox 3 and a set of Mitchell’s new projects “that could have a great effect on the world”.

The transition will be the topic of the next Air Mozilla, this Wednesday. Precise time has not been announced yet but it should be around 2:00pm PST (GMT-8) as usual.

Congratulations to John for the appointment and best wishes for continuous success to Mozilla.

UPDATE: Air Mozilla Live, featuring John Lilly and Mitchell Baker on the transition will air Wednesday 9, 2008 at 10:00 am PST (GMT-8).

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