New JavaScript Debugger coming to Firefox

Firefox is adding a JavaScript debugger to its web developer toolbox, that is, the ability to pause and play JavaScript code execution, and watch variables, a critical feature for programmers.

Important pieces of the debugger have been landing to Firefox code since Firefox 8, but a few weeks ago user interface pieces have made their way as well, making it usable for the first time. As Panoagiotis Astithas warns in a related post, it is not quite ready for general usage, but it works and here’s a video where you can see it in action:

Script debugger breakpoint demo from Panagiotis Astithas on Vimeo.

As you can see, most of the interaction is done from a command line at this point, but the debugging is working.

According to the developer tools roadmap, the debugger should become generally available in a release in the third quarter this year.

One thought on “New JavaScript Debugger coming to Firefox”

  1. ehm, firefox has a javascript debugger, and has had it probably since version 1.0 (since it is the same one shared with other mozilla projects via spidermonkey JS engine).

    you can access it using firebug, or venkman, or some other addon (addons only provide UI to access them, but the ability to pause/stop/watch etc is already baked in).

    what is coming is a new, better, “enhanced” (don’t know exactly how) debugger, along with a UI “developer tools” that will be baked in the firefox without a need for an addon (but firebug will also be able to use the new debugger).

    hope that clears it a bit..

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