Uninstall the Java Console extension

One thing I can’t stand about any software is when it installs software I didn’t ask for, specially if it modifies another application. Extra hate points if it can’t be uninstalled.

This is the case of the Java run-time most people have installed in their Windows computer. Silently it installs a Java Console extension in Firefox which for some reason you can’t uninstall just by going to the Add-ons Manager, as the Uninstall button is disabled.

To enable it, close Firefox, right-click on the Firefox shortcut you usually click to launch it (or Shift + right-click if in Windows 7 task bar), and select Run as administrator…. Now you can go to the Add-ons Manager, press the Uninstall button, and restart Firefox to have one pest less in your computer.

Via Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog.

Important Java plugin update now available

Oracle has released an important update for the Java plugin, after a vulnerability was discovered in the Java Deploymente kit, a plugin that provides developers a simple method to distribute applications to end users. The plugin is installed by default with the Java Run-time Environment.

The vulnerability was disclosed on April 9, so Mozilla proceeded to block the plugin, and, most likely, it is already blocked and you are not affected by it.

To get the fix, visit java Web site and download Java  6 Update 20 (about 15MB), available for Windows, Linux and Solaris. Mac OS X users should use the Software Update feature to get it.