In-content preferences coming to Firefox

The latest Aurora 15 (to become Firefox 15) features in-content preferences, this is, displaying the Options/Preferences window as a regular web page, eliminating the current modal window which blocks web browsing while customizing your experience.

Note that not all modal windows are going. According to the specs, sub-windows like listing saved passwords will remain as modal windows. Also, the design calls for breadcrumbs and search to easily navigate preferences, and some additional styling to better fit the roomier place.

Firefox in-content preferences screenshot

The option is not enabled by default. To activate it:

  1. Access the advanced preferences, entering about:config in the location bar
  2. Search for browser.preferences.inContent and set it to true.

Now just access your preferences as you would normally  do (via Firefox menu, menu bar, or start page) and you will see them load in the content area.

If you want to try this now, download Aurora 15 from Mozilla web site.