Telefónica announces Open Web Device powered by Boot2Gecko
February 27th, 2012 • No Comments

Telefónica and Mozilla, announced a few hour ago, the launch of the Open Web Device initiative that aims to deliver mobile devices based on Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko project.

Boot2Gecko, is a project to deliver a web operating system, where HTML5 based web applications have complete access to the device hardware including camera, phone, vibrator, GPS, and more, based on Gecko, Firefox’s rendering engine. To this purpose, Mozilla, Google, Nokia, Voxeo, and others are actively working on the development and standardization of the many new specifications required such as BatteryStatus, MediaCapture, WebTelephony, Network Information API, and more.

The Open Web Device FAQ, presents Boot2Gecko as middleware, a layer between the OS and actual applications, where the operating system will be a Linux derivative, similar to Android.

First open web devices are expected for later this year, running on a Qualcomm chipset. Deutsche Telekom is already a contributing partner to Boot2Gecko, and more partners are expected to be announced during the ongoing Mobile World Congress.