HP to launch virtual Firefox

HP has announced that is has been working with Mozilla and Symatec on a virtualized version of Firefox as an option to minimize security risks in corporate environments.

About a year ago, ZoneLabs (now a CheckPoint property) released ForceField which used the same approach to a safer browsing but I found serious performance issues in the beta I tried then. It must have benefited of Firefox 3 performance improvements and its own development cycles since them though. ForceField is available for purchase for $29.

HP Firefox Virtual Browser (yeah, that’s the name) , will be available later this month with business oriented

Via eWeek.

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  1. Stay away from ForceField! It killed my Windows Vista System, first it started with BSOD as soon as it was activated, then Explorer would hang when you try to remove the application (or it claimed the application was already uninstalled) and even if you did think you removed the application, much like AOL it left itself all over the place. Went to start Windows one morning and would not start normally, could get up in Safe Mode, but would just hang on a normal boot. Ended up having to do a full system recovery.

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