Hello Kitty and friends come to Firefox

A new Firefox theme featuring several Japanese cuteness powerhouse, Sanrio’s characters are now available at Mozilla Add-ons (experimental), courtesy of Erica Morgan.

So if you’ve been waiting to see Hello Kitty, Chococat, and other cuties, the wait is over! Get Sanrio.


7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty and friends come to Firefox”

    1. I found it at Softpedia, yay!


      Now that is a cute theme ^_^

  1. Anybody has an idea if that black status bar is set by the theme (on the bottom of the page) or my browser has some issues with this theme? I wish I could change that, to pink as the rest of the theme, because it looks ugly, and I don’t see any info that is written there when I brows :(( other than that it is a very lovely,beautiful theme

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