Google to replace Yandex as Russian Firefox default search engine

Firefox Yandex web site screenshot

The Next Web reports that Mozilla will drop Yandex, the leading Russian search engine (with about 60% of market share in Russia) as Firefox Russian locale’s  default search engine in favor of Google.

According to bug 761592, the change is part of the contract Mozilla and Google renewed on last November: “We carefully evaluated a number of partners and determined that Google provided the best experience for the most number of people globally. These arrangements are often global in nature; consequently, we were not able to keep Yandex as the default search provider in the Firefox Russian builds.”, commented in the bug Harvey Anderson, Mozilla’s VP Business Affairs and General Counsel Mozilla.

Originally targeted for Firefox 16 (early October),  the patch was landed last week in order to hit the the Firefox 14 beta build, so it should become generally available in about 5 weeks from now.

According to a Yandex press release, it expects the impact of the change to be negligible, and its partnership with Mozilla which produces a customized Firefox edition will not be affected. The Yandex search engine will now second in the search engine’s list for Russian users.


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