Google to open On2’s VP8 video format

According to NewTeeVee, Google will open the source code of On2 VP8, the capable video compression format, on the upcoming Google I/O, citing “multiple sources”.

If this turns to be true it could be a favorable game changer for the open web. The two main objections Apple and Microsoft have to embracing Theora (based on On2’s VP3 format), are the risk of submarine patents, and the discussion on whether Theora or H264 are the better quality format, which prompted Google’s decision to choose to H264 for YouTube video encoding.

Hopefully, the patents issues have been solved by Google lawyers, and according to On2, it is superior to H264.

It is strange however, why if Google knew the progress of VP8 open sourcing, it rushed to announce H264 for YouTube .

We will have to keep waiting for Google’s say on this subject, and hope for the best.